our history

Our Journey in textiles started in the year 1970 when our founder Shri Omprakash Ji Manihar started his firm by the name of Omprakash Sunil Kumar Manihar in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. He started his business by selling rajasthani odhana from his home and through his tremendous  hard work and determination opened a shop in Lakhara Bajar, Jodhpur. In the year 1991 his son Mr. Sunil ji Manihar current owner of Kali Fashion joined the business and expanded it from there on. Later In the year 2008, at the age of 33 Sunilji came to Surat, Gujarat in order to diversify his business and started his business with the name of Kali Fashion from a small shop and gradually became one of the market leaders in the rajasthani odhani segment. As of today Kali Fashion has a constant base more than 800+ wholesalers and retailers in all over India and has diversified into multiple segments.



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print fabric

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